Tsa approval

For most training in the United States, a non-US citizen is requires to get and approval from the Transport Security Agency (TSA). Approval is required for

  • Private Pilot training
  • Instrument Rating
  • Multiengine rating (not currently provided)

steps for TSA approval

  • Verify that you have an appropriate visa
  • Notify the flight training provider that you want to begin taking flight training
  • Ensure that you have a valid email address
  • Create a login account at TSA’s FTSP website
  • Apply for a security threat assessment on TSA’s FTSP website
  • Wait for the flight training provider to acknowledge your training request
  • Pay the nonrefundable $130 processing fee per instructions emailed to you
  • Look for a “preliminary approval” email from tsa.
  • Submit fingerprints to tsa per the instructions emailed to you
  • Wait for tsa to notify you and the flight training provider of its decision
  • Once you have received tsa approval, start flight training!
  • Have your photo taken by the flight training provider when you arrive for the first day of flight training in the aircraft or the simulator

Riga Flight School operates with an independent certified flight instructor 4466841CFI and offers the following flight and ground training courses for issuance of FAA pilot certificates and ratings. On TSA’s FTSP website in the list of providers please look for North Carolina (even if you plan to train in Riga) and under flight training provider find Roman Berezin.

Note: we provide full step-by-step guidance on this issue and can help make the process painless and clear.