Riga Flight School main aerodrome of operation is Spilve Airport in Riga (EVRS). The home base for our airplanes, where there are facilities available. Our students and club members have access to our proprietary briefing office and pilot’s lounge where there are facilities are available for self-briefing, flight planning, studying and simple relaxation.

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During our PPL program our students get to fly from multiple airports, we believe in as wide an experience as possible and utilize many airports around Riga. Students fly solo flights to and at Tukums (EVJA), Cesis (EVCA), Parnu (EEPU), Barysiai (EYSB) and Istra (EYPI).

Other airports are used for training such as Riga International (EVRA), Adazi (EVAD), Ridali (EERI) and others.


On USA camps our students get to experience training based at Raleigh Exec (KTTA) and get to fly to dozens of airports in NC and the neighboring states. Our FAA Instrument Rating program includes flights into 22 different airports with different approaches and procedures, and during FAA commercial training and hour building in the United States our students get to fly to a vast amount of new and interesting places.