Faa conversion

We offer a complete step-by-step program to convert an EASA FCL license (or any ICAO license) to FAA Foreign Based Private Pilot! This is done under 14 CFR Part 61, Section 61.75

What is a Foreign Based License? Anyone who has a valid ICAO license can request an FAA to issue a private pilot license based on the fact that the person in question has a license from his home country. By default, the license will be VFR only and will have all the limitations present on the original ICAO license. Moreover, the FAA FB license will be valid, only as long as the original license is valid.

Disclaimer: It is possible to apply for the FAA FB license without any school or CFI - read more here. Our services are to help, consolidate and guide the pilot. Also, to exercise the privileges of the FAA FB license, a pilot requires at least an FAA bianual review - which we provide in house. Also, with us, this process does not require any trips.

The Process

In short, the path on which we will guide the candidate has the following steps:

Path to foreign based License

  • You will apply for foreign license verification
  • Your local issuing authority (CAA if Latvian) will have to verify the validity of your license and medical
  • You will be identified by an FAA deputy and a license will be issued
  • You will demonstrate your skills in an FAA Flight Review

After the completion of the above steps you will be able to exercise the privileges of your license - operate an N-reg airplane anywhere in the world!


Continuing for ratings or certificates

As soon as a pilot has an FAA Foreign Based private license, he can proceed to receive FAA ratings (e.g. Instrument, Multiengine, seaplane ) or more advanced certificates (e.g. commercial, CFI). See further here

As a non-US citizen one needs TSA approval for most training. We offer a complete step-by-step guided process.

Path to TSA training approval

  • You will apply for TSA approval for specific training with our CFI (the training can be in Riga or North Carolina)
  • TSA will review your documents are ask for your fingerprints (this is needed once and good for lifetime)
  • You will travel to one of our preferred locations depending on where you are (Sweden, UAE, Germany) and be fingerprinted
  • TSA will check your fingerprints and issue final approval for training.

You are ready to begin training!

Note: this service is available without any further training with us