USA Camps

We provide training at USA location for our student from all over the world. If you have a foreign license (any ICAO country), or have non yet, and would like to train in the United States, with a dedicated instructor who will travel with you and provide accelerated training in the United States, be with you from the get-go through the written exam and till the checkride - you are in the right place!

The training programs in the USA are all our usual FAA programmes plus FAA Private Pilot. The steps of the camp are as follows:

Path to Camp

  • Register for specific training (PPL, CPL, IR, CFI)
  • Request verification letter (unless you already hold a stand alone FAA license)
  • Apply for TSA for specific training (unless training is CPL or CFI)
  • Get fingerprinted (if its your first time)
  • Get an online theoretical course
  • Pass the online exam
  • Complete our short zoom online pre trip course
  • Get final TSA approval
  • Get tickets and get ready to have fun


The Narrative

Unlike flight schools fully based in the United States, we provide a full step-by-step service where the instructor starts working with the student at the very beginning long before the trip, we help with everything from documents till scheduling the exams. Usually the trip is a group of 3-4 students and the length is 3-4 weeks. As you get a dedicated instructor who is there just for your training, you get an accelerated course with flights every day. For a dedicated and committed student, that means for example an Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot Certificate within 3 weeks time!

Note: if you have an ICAO license and start the process through the FAA Foreign Based your FAA license will stay “tied to” the original license only until you become an FAA Commercial Pilot.

Note: if you do not currently hold a valid license or rating and decide to go for an FAA Private pilot, most of your logged hours will be converted!



At our location in KTTA airport we works with Odyssey Aero Club, a vibrant club with many fun members and some instructors who can, if needed, help out with training. The club has three Diamond DA40s - state of the art G1000 equipped airplanes perfect for advanced as well as primary training. We also have access to a “Red Bird” simulator, on which some instrument time can be logged.